MacNotables #762: Ted Landau on the Death (For Now) of iPhone Hacking


Ted Landau
The world of iPhone Hacking changed when Apple brought out iPhone Update 1.1.1. Ted Landau talks about how that change occurred and why it has resulted in the “bricking” of some iPhones at worst and the killing of iPhone hacks at best. Ted describes the two types of iPhone hacks, how they were both affected by the udpate, and why his opinions differ on the results. There were many useful hacks that had been developed in the first three months of the iPhone’s life; Ted talks about which ones he found the most useful, why he hopes they can come back, and the “stock” enhancements that are included with the latest update. For those who wish to continue to risk working with hacks, Ted covers one possible way to upgrade your iPhone to 1.1.1 without risking the bricking problem.


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