MacVoices #750 – Stacy Levey and Mike Basilio Discuss the Successful Launch of Mac|Life


Longtime fans of MacAddict know that, in January, the magazine re branded and relaunched as the new Mac|Life magazine. Stacy Levey, the Associate Publisher and Mike Basilio, the Marketing Manager for Mac|Life discuss some of the reasons for the change and focus on their enhanced coverage of the Mac community. Citing that their “addiction is really a way of life,” they cover some of the new features of both the print and online aspects of Mac\Life and how they fit in with the goal of being, “the most entertaining Mac magazine and web site.” The importance of balancing the style aspect with tech credibility, why a CD with the magazine isn’t part of the new identity, their launch at Macworld Expo and Mac|Life’s involvement with Campus MovieFest are all part of the discussion of the publication’s present and future.

MacNotables #710: Jim Dalrymple Reports from the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp


Jim Dalrymple

Jim Dalrymple of Macworld takes some time off from jam sessions, studio time and rehearsals to report in from the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp. Jim talks the audition process, who he’s met so far, why he will probably be “unmasked,” and who he’ll be talking the stage with right after the interview. Jim also discuses his interaction with the other musicians, both pro and amateur, from a Mac perspective and what they’re talking about.

MacVoices Completes Delivery of Fifty-Three Macworld Expo-Oriented Shows

Macworld Conference & Expo is the year’s biggest Mac event and deserves extensive coverage. That’s why MacVoices delivered a total of fifty-three shows focusing on the people, companies and events that made this year’s show something extra-special.

Our coverage included the Road to Macworld 2007 series, four Daily Wrap-Up Panel Discussions, several shows featuring the presentations from the Adobe User Group & Professional Association Breakfast, and an extensive set of interviews recorded live on the show floor.

If that wasn’t enough, we wrapped up Expo with our own event, MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora, where we talked with some of the key players from our favorite online music service, Pandora, as well as some of the Bay area’s music celebrities and some very special Mac Pandora fans.

You don’t just have to listen either. You can see some of the MacVoices’ sights by visiting our MacVoices at Expo Photo Set on Flickr.

Use our complete listing of Macworld 2007 shows to easily find your favorites.

MacNotables #709: Ted Landau on the 802.11n Airport Extreme and Steve Job’s Position on Digital Rights Management


Ted Landau
Thinking of upgrading to the new Airport Extreme with 802.11n? You’ll want to hear Ted Landau talk about his first experiences with Apple’s latest wireless base station. Ted outlines the challenges that you’ll face and provides some suggestions on what you can do to ease the transition, and why you may want to continue to use your existing base station along with your new one. Ted and Chuck also discuss Steve Jobs’ position on Digital Rights Management (DRM) and who the real culprits are in the dispute over where and how you can play your music.

MacVoices #749 – MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora: MIchael Butler of the Rock & Roll Geek Show On His Show and Finding New Rock

MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora

Michael Butler

Michael Butler of the Rock & Roll Geek Show was one of the guests who stopped the MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora event on Friday night of Macworld Expo. MIchael talked about his show, why he selects the guests he does, and why that has helped make his, one of the original podcasts, one of the most real and most successful. Michael talks about the popularity of classic rock and how he uses Pandora as a way to hear his favorite tracks and sometimes learn about new bands as well.