MacVoices #745 – MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora: Rogue Amoeba’s AirFoil Helps Set Pandora Free from the Desktop

Paul Kafasis
MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora
At the MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora event on Friday night of Macworld Expo, Paul Kafasis, the CEO of Rogue Amoeba discusses how his company helps Pandora “escape” from the desktop by allowing the streaming music service to be played to remote speakers using their AirFoil product in conjunction with Apple’s Airport Express. AirFoil is available for both Mac and Windows so that anyone can enjoy Pandora. Paul also discusses the product line that makes Rogue Amoeba one of the premier Mac developers out there, and then Tom Conrad, the Chief Technology Officer of Pandora joins in to tell a story about how AirFoil helped net Pandora a significant investor.

MacVoices #744 – MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora: Pandora Founder Tim Westergren on the State of Pandora and the Future

Tim Westergren
MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora
At the MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora event on Friday night of Macworld Expo, Pandora founder Tim Westergren discusses the state of Pandora. Tim talks about the origin of the music sharing service and its relationship with the Music Genome Project and tells the story of Guy Kawasaki’s investment. Tim also discusses why Pandora works by ignoring traditional arbitrary boundaries, how they go about selecting music to add to their collection (at the rate of 15,000 tracks per month), and how they hope to help create a “musician’s middle class” that could help reshape the music industry. Some of the long-term goals for Pandora are covered, along with how the music business has changed and what it means for artists and fans alike.

MacVoices #743 – MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora: Jim Dalrymple Wraps Up Expo and Talks Music

Jim Dalrymple
MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora
In the first in a series of shows taped live at the MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora event on Friday night of Macworld Expo, Jim Dalrympe of Macworld wrapped up the show for us, paying particular attention to the musician’s perspective. Jim talked about Apple’s place in the music world and how they have come to be a key player in that industry, then turned his attention to Pandora, discussing why he finds it useful as a music discovery tool.

MacVoices #742 – MacVoices at Expo: iMeem Offers Online Video Social Media Options


iMeem takes the concept of social networking web sites and gives it a media focus. Will and Rosa talk about how their site allows you to define yourself with what you listen to and what you watch by sharing your playlist. Will covers how you can watch all your media on the web site using by uploading your favorites; others can watch (but not download) your playlist items, and explains how they address the issue of copyrighted materials. iMeem transcodes your uploaded video to make posting your content easy and use a QuickTime-based plugin to allow full-screen viewing of your media without being dependent on Flash. Hear how it all comes together in a site that integrates photos, audio and video that you select.

MacVoices #741 – MacVoices at Expo: CRYPTOCard Brings Corporate-Level Security to the Mac

James Turner, Technical Services Engineer for CRYPTOCard explains how their products help eliminate the need for hard-to-remember, often insecure static passwords with two-factor authentication. Secure your all your server access into one system that is easy to set up (if you read the manual). CRYPTOCard offers a choice of hardware tokens, depending on your working environment. James talks about how many companies’ lack of security often leads to their next sale, and the costs of implementing their solutions.