Terri Morgan, Chris Demiris, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #21236: Terri Morgan and Chris Demiris of LumaTouch Bring Home ‘iPad App of the Year’

Terri Morgan and Chris Demiris of Luma Touch recently won the Apple’s prestigious “iPad App of the Year” award for iPad video editing app LumaFusion. They talk about what the award means to them, how they found out, and...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Warren Sklar, Jim Rea, Kelly Guimont, Mark Fuccio, Brittany Smith

MacVoices #21223: MacVoices Live – An Amazon Prime Video App and Apple Buying App Google Ads (2)

Our MacVoices Live! pane of David Ginsburg, Brittany Smith, Warren Sklar, Jim Rea, Kelly Guimont, and Mark Fuccio examine Amazon’s release of a Prime Video app. Is it for your benefit or theirs? Then the panel starts a discussion of...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg,Jeff Gamet, Guy Serle, Jim Rea, Brittany Smith, Kelly Guimont

MacVoices #21200 – MacVoices Live! – HDMI, MagSafe, The Notch, 1080p Mac Cameras (2)

The MacVoices Live! analysis of Apple’s “Unleashed” event with David Ginsburg, Mark Fuccio, Jeff Gamet, Guy Serle, Jim Rea, Brittany Smith, and Kelly Guimont continues with conversations of HDMI 2.1 vs. 2.0, MagSafe and USB-C charging options. The panel also debates...
Alexander Embiricos, Dan Wood, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #21192: Remotion Brings A Different Take On The World of Remote Working (2)

Our discussion with Alexander Embiricos, Co-Founder and CEO, and Dan Wood, Chief Programmer, of Remotion, continues with some of the “nuts and bolts” features of their remote working program, including screen sharing, security of audio and...
Chuck Joiner, Brittany Smith, David Ginsburg, Jay Miller, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, Andrew Orr, Kelly Guimont

MacVoices #21187: MacVoices Live! – New iPhone Experiences, Free Video Training (1)

Some of the MacVoices Live! panel received new hardware this week, and shared their views and experiences. We start off with the new iPhone 13 and its variations, and observations from the panel of Brittany...