Hsin Cynthia Chen, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23041: CES – EZCast Wirelessly Sends Any HDMI Signal To Another Screen

At CES in Las Vegas, we talked to Hsin Cynthia Chen, Sales Manager for EZCast about how their device can wirelessly cast any HDMI signal to a separate screen, even if it is in another room.  http://traffic.libsyn.com/maclevelten/MV23041.mp3 This...
Lloyd Klarke

MacVoices #23023: Pepcom – Roku Announces That They Will Build TVs

At The Digital Experience by Pepcom in Las Vegas, Lloyd Klarke, Consumer Product Management for Roku, talks about their announcement that they will start building actual televisions, not just set-top boxes. Lloyd discusses the advantages,...
Balaji Krishnan, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23020: CES Unveiled – Displace Is A Wireless TV That Can Be Hung Anywhere

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegans, the Founder and CEO of Displace, Balaji Krishnan, explains the many features of their wireless TV. Those include built-in batteries so no power cord, a unique mounting backing that...
Chuck Joiner, Brittany Smith

MacVoices #22220: Brittany Smith Talks Shortcuts, Video Production, ADHD Coaching and More

ADHD Coach, productivity coach, and MacVoices Live! panel member Brittany Smith talks about the inspiration and production for the videos on her YouTube channel, why that channel is so diverse, and her surprise video...
Chuck Joiner, Michael Horton

MacVoices #22192: The Return of The Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group with Mike Horton

The Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group is back after a pandemic-induced hiatus, and Mike Horton has everything you need to know about the return. Mike talks about what precautions are in place to protect...