Chuck Joiner, Victor Chor

MacVoices #23042: CES – InfinaCore Charges Your Device and Shares Your Contacts

At CES in Las Vegas, Victor Chor, Founder of InfinaCore discussed what makes their P4 charger different (hint:  magnets), and demonstrated how their WallyGrip makes sharing your contacts both wireless and touchless. This edition of MacVoices is...
Chuck Joiner, Chris Herbert

MacVoices #23024: Pepcom – Catalyst’s Latest iPhone and AirPod Cases

At The Digital Experience by Pepcom in Las Vegas, Chris Herbert of Catalyst shows off their new cases for the latest versions of AirPods to protect and show off your AirPods, new waterproof cases for the...
Chris Bainter, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23022: Pepcom – FLIR Introduces A New Thermal Camera for iPhone

At The Digital Experience by Pepcom in Las Vegas, Chris Bainter, VP Strategic Business Development for FLIR, gave us the rundown on the FLIR ONE EDGE PRO, their latest thermal camera that turns your iPhone...
Chuck Joiner, Yusuke Omori

MacVoices #23014: CES Unveiled – GolfBoy Analyzes Your Golf Swing On Your iPhone

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, we learned about GolfBoy, an iPhone app by Qoncept that can analyze your golf swing from from drives to putts. Yusuke Omori shows us how it takes the place of...
Chuck Joiner, Deena Ghazarian

MacVoices #23013: CES Unveiled – Einova Charges You iPhone, Italian-Style

From CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, we get a look at some iPhone chargers designed with more than just power in mind. Deena Ghazarian of Einova shows off their line of Italian marble phone chargers that look...