MacVoices #24071: MacVoices Update – 2024-02


The February 2024 MacVoices Update features more information about how we cover CES and why which interviews get published when, and the the ebb and flow of articles in MacVoices Magazine. We also touch on the continuing podcast sponsorship drought and deliver this month’s Support Report.

MacVoices #24070: CES – The Story Behind Chipolo’s ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Trackers


In the Chipolo booth at CES in Las Vegas, Chief Marketing Officer Nika Kramzar talks about both their latest tracking devices that are targeted at Android users, as well as the story behind their “Perfectly Imperfect” trackers, how they cut down on scrapping rejected cases while benefiting some favorite charities. (The most clever and innovative marketing campaign that we saw at this year’s show.)

MacVoices #24069: Zuckerburg’s AVP Reaction, QNAP Vulnerability

This MacVoices Live! panel of Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgMarty JenciusEric BoldenBen RoethigJeff GametJim Rea, and Mark Fuccio discuss Mark Zuckerberg’s reaction to the Apple Vision Pro and his comments on Apple fans and a new vulnerability in QNAP’s products that users need to be aware of. 

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MacVoices #24068: CES – copresence Gets You Started With Your Own Avatar Using Your iPhone


From Eureka Park at CES in Las Vegas, we learned about an iPhone-based tool that will let you get started with the creation of your own avatar. Titus Leistner, Chief Technology Officer for copresence, talks about the ease of use and capabilities of their iPhone app, what the next step is, and who they are hoping to work with so that your avatar can be of even more use. 

MacVoices #24067: MVL: How Many Apple Vision Pros Were REALLY Returned?

Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgMarty JenciusEric BoldenBen RoethigJeff GametJim ReaMark Fuccio, and Brian Flanigan-Arthurs engage in a MacVoices Live! discussion about the radically conflicting reports of Apple Vision Pro returns, the media properties that seemed to be looking for a story that wasn’t, and what the realities were. 

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