Ron Phelan, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23074: CES – Yobe’s Technology Separates Voice From Background Noise

At CES in Las Vegas, Ron Phelan, Product Lead for Yobe, discusses their technology that separates speech from the noisiest background to produce audio that is clearly understandable. Ron talks about how it can differentiate between...
Chuck Joiner, Alex Le Goff

MacVoices #23073: CES – Familink’s Smart Photo Frame Makes It Simple To Share Photos

At CES in Las Vegas, The focus of the smart photo frame from Familink is simplicity. Alex Le Goff, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder explained how, using 4G connectivity, a photo taken anywhere can be only...
Chuck Joiner, Dale Backus

MacVoices #23072: CES – Ohsnap’s New Phone Grip Is Super Thin and MagSafe Transparent

At CES in Las Vegas, Ohsnap was back with a new phone grip that can be applied to any cas and is super-thin when not in use. It provides a secure grip when in...
Chuck Joiner, John Merenda

MacVoices #23071: CES – Power1 Combines AirPod and iPhone Charging in a Removable MagSafe Case

At CES in Las Vegas, Power1 introduced a new product category, combining AirPod, iPhone, and MagSafe charging into a convenient device that can be used with any MagSafe-compatible case or with just the iPhone itself. John...
Susan Armstrong, Nevine Ishak, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23070: CES – Soundskrit’s Microphone is Tiny and Directional

At CES in Las Vegas, Nevine Ishak and Susan Armstrong of Soundskrit provided both an explanation and an impressive demonstration of exactly how directional and how effective their new microphone. And is tiny! This edition of MacVoices...