Chuck Joiner, Allison Sheridan

MacVoices #23154: Road to Macstock – Allison Sheridan

Our next stop on the Road to Macstock Conference & Expo is a conversation with Allison Sheridan. We start out reviewing how a previous Road to Macstock session resulted in a change to Allison’s topic before trying...
Chuck Joiner, Ian Smith

MacVoices #23150: NAB – Studiobox’s Expansion Into SAS and Production Services

At NAB in Las Vegas, we caught up with Studiobox, and there was a lot to catch up on. Co-Founder Ian Smith explains how they are expanding from just a production company to include a SAS option. They...
Chuck Joiner ,Yuhang Liu

MacVoices #23149: NAB – GVM Shows Off Some Innovative Tube Lighting

In a very bright GVM booth at NAB in Las Vegas, Brand Director Yuhang Liu talks about their options, how they can be controlled, and why their tube lights aren’t limited to just static illumination or even...
Chuck Joiner, Michael Kummer

MacVoices #23148: NAB – AnyClip Uses AI To Find and Display Your Video Clips

At NAB in Las Vegas, Michael Kummer, Managing Director for AnyClip, discusses how AI is affecting video production, and how it is implemented in their service. By uploading your video to AnyClip, you get transcriptions and keywords allowing...
Rob Walsh, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23147: NAB – An Update On Podcast Hosting Company Libsyn

At NAB in Las Vegas, Rob Walsh, Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn, provides an update on the growth of their company and their services. Those services now include programatic advertising, the Libsyn Connect recording option, Libsyn Studio...