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MacVoices Magazine is our curated list of the best information and articles that will help you do more with your Apple tech.

A Flipboard magazine that you can access and enjoy for free, either on the web, in the free Flipboard app for iOS,  or via your favorite newsreader with this link, MacVoices Magazine gathers just what you would expect: product reviews, how-to information, resources and the like. Follow-up material from MacVoices episodes. The work of some of our regular guests. And more. Digital photography, videography, web publishing…anything that I think is important or beneficial will find its way into MacVoices Magazine.

What I hope to do is create a resource that can be read this afternoon or in two weeks and still be interesting and relevant. Information is included from sources both familiar and foreign that will make you more productive and better informed about the tech you use every day.

While Flipboard is very easy to learn and use, it never hurts to have someone walk you through it. While you can find the basic Flipboard tutorials on the Flipboard site, there’s a better option.  Don McAllister has given me permission to have you visit ScreenCastsOnline and sign up for a 14-day free trial of his show specifically for the purpose of reviewing his three part series on FlipBoard (Part 1 covers the basics, Part 2 is for the advanced features, and Part 3 is for the version 2 update that that includes working with FlipBoard magazines.

That 14-day trial is more than enough time to look at all three shows, and to also check out all the great material Don has to offer. You can cancel at any time during the 14-day period, but I hope you don’t, because you’ll be missing out on weekly tutorials from the Master of the Screencast. Either way, be sure to drop Don a note and thank him for this.

If you like MacVoices magazine, please subscribe. It won’t cost a penny, and I promise you lots of signal and very low noise, because that’s what we all want, right?