MacVoices #7113 – The Second User Groups 2.0 Leadership Conference

User Groups 2.0

New ideas for Mac User Group leaders and enthusiasts are the focus of The User Groups 2.0 Virtual Conferences, organized by The MUG Center. The second of these conferences was held on November 27 and featured keynote speaker Michael Horton of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group. Mike discussed many of the differences between the traditional UG models vs. those adopted by the Final Cut Pro groups. Mike shared some ideas that he would like to see community groups consider and fielded questions about his group’s structure and operations from an enthusiastic audience. Looking for some new ideas fro your group’s evolution? Then listen to what Mike and the attendees had to say.

The attendees and the groups represented included:

Curt Blanchard Pat Fauquet Peter Fitchett
Curt Blanchard
Tucson Macintosh Users Group
Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi
Peter Fitchett
Apple User Group of Canterbury
Travis Good David Greenbaum Michael Horton
Travis Good
Washington Apple Pi
Dave Greenbaum
Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0
Michael Horton
(Keynote Speaker)
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group
Bill Medlow Michael Potter Warren Williams
Bill Medlow
Long Island
Macintosh Users Group
Michael Potter
Macintosh Users Goup
Warren Williams
AppleWorks Users Group and iWork Users Group
  Chuck Joiner  
  Chuck Joiner
(host) Editor
The MUG Center

The User Groups 2.0 Virtual Conferences, initiated by The MUG Center, are a series of online/virtual gatherings of individuals who are ambitious about taking the Mac User Group community into the future, addressing the needs of today’s Mac enthusiast and continuing the tradition of being an important channel of information and influence for Mac users.