MacVoices #22108: MacVoices Live! – An Echo Show Competitor; Video Music Picks (3)

This MacVoices Live! panel wraps up with some discussion of a possible Apple challenger to the Echo Show and Google Nest Hub. Could a dedicated iPad be just as effective? Then, we have a...
Joe Murphy, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #22104: NAB – DeepBrain AI Is Creating Avatars for Expanding A Digital Presence

At NAB in Las Vegas, we wrap up our coverage with a visit to the DeepBrain AI booth. Joe Murphy, Business Development Manager, talks about how their technology works, who is using it, and how it...
Chuck Joiner, Sam Bogoch

MacVoices #22103: NAB – axledit Makes Cloud Editing Approachable and ‘Pure’

At NAB in Las Vegas, axledit delivers a “pure” cloud video editing platform. CEO and CoFounder Sam Bogoch explains how they are different from other cloud editing platforms because they don’t require you to upload your...
Chuck Joiner, Eamon Drew

MacVoices #22100 – NAB – BirdDog Announces A Wide Variety of New Products, Hardware and Software

At NAB in Las Vegas, we get the rundown on the wide variety of products that BirdDog introduced from Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Eamon Drew. Some of those products had their genesis in the...
Rick Smith, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #22099: NAB – Broadcast Blinds Solves The Window Light Problem

At NAB in Las Vegas, Rick Smith, CEO of Broadcast Blinds, explains how the installation of their product in your studio, conference room, or even office will help you control the amount of natural light in...