MacVoices #23267: TV+ Talk – Jon Stewart Is Out, Napoleon Is In, Box Office Questions

In the latest edition of TV+ Talk co-hosts Charlotte Henry and Chuck Joiner discuss the box office results of “Killers of the Flower Moon”, whether a 4-hour version of “Napoleon” (or any movie) is a good idea, and the parting of ways between Apple and Jon Stewart. 

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Show Notes:


0:00:18 Apple TV Plus rises into the headlines with big shows
0:04:59 Apple’s strategy of putting blockbuster movies on TV Plus
0:08:43 Killers of the Flower Moon finally in theaters, overshadowed by Taylor Swift
0:10:11 Taylor Swift vs. Killers of the Flower Moon
0:11:59 Challenges in Promoting Killers of the Flower Moon
0:13:35 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Impact on Film Awareness
0:15:12 Demographic Breakdown of Audience for “Killers of the Flaming”
0:16:05 Apple’s Motive: Free Money or Hollywood Credibility?
0:17:55 Streaming Services: Movies vs. TV Series
0:19:24 Theatrical Release and Oscar Considerations
0:21:02 The Daily Show vs. The Problem with Jon Stewart
0:22:56 Controversy: AI and China
0:31:21 Apple’s support for Jon Stewart and its implications
0:34:11 Ownership and influence in the modern media landscape


Charlotte Henry is a media junkie, covering how Apple is not just a revolutionary tech firm, but a revolutionary media firm. She is based in London, writes and broadcasts for various outlets, and is the author of Not Buying It, an examination of fake news. You can find her on her The Addition blog, her podcast, in her The Addition newsletter on substack, and on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and TikTok.


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