Don Shulsinger, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #18009: CES Unveiled – Blink Adds a Video Doorbell To Their Security Camera Line

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, Blink adds an affordable video doorbell their impressive line of home security cameras. Vice President of Sales & Marketing Don Shulsinger explains how their device simplifies installation by adapting itself to your home’s existing...

MacVoices #932: Macworld Expo – Justin Whittaker of i.TV Discusses The Functional and Social Aspects of their iPhone App

From the show floor at Macworld Expo, Justin Whittaker, Marketing Manager for i.TV talks about how their free iPhone app can become your one stop for all sorts of media management and interaction. From...
Justin Miller

MacVoices #12106: WWDC 2012 – Justin Miller of MapBox Discusses Their Products and Apple’s Map-Related Announcements

Developer Justin Miller discusses Apple's map-related WWDC announcements from an informed perspective. His company,  Development Seed, is in the cartographic business with  MapBox. Justin covers what MapBox is, where its information comes from, and why...
Richard Humphries, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #17104: NAB – Contour Design’s RollerMouse and Balance Keyboard For Video Editing

At NAB in Las Vegas, we look at a control device that you may have never thought about in a video editing context. Richard Humphries, Country Manager for Contour Design, gives us a demonstration of the...
John Martellaro, Ken Ray, Mark Fuccio, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #14146: The MacJury Passes Judgement on the Apple v. Samsung Verdict, Phone OS Options and More

In the second part of a a marathon deliberation session, The MacJury looks whether justice was served by the Apple v. Samsung verdict, patents, mobile phone operating systems, and why you should never trust...