Chuck Joiner ,Yuhang Liu

MacVoices #23149: NAB – GVM Shows Off Some Innovative Tube Lighting

In a very bright GVM booth at NAB in Las Vegas, Brand Director Yuhang Liu talks about their options, how they can be controlled, and why their tube lights aren’t limited to just static illumination or even...
Chuck Joiner, Michael Kummer

MacVoices #23148: NAB – AnyClip Uses AI To Find and Display Your Video Clips

At NAB in Las Vegas, Michael Kummer, Managing Director for AnyClip, discusses how AI is affecting video production, and how it is implemented in their service. By uploading your video to AnyClip, you get transcriptions and keywords allowing...
Chuck Joiner, Alessandro Mastroianni

MacVoices #23146: NAB – Krotos Allows Creation of Custom Movie Special Effects Sounds

At NAB in Las Vegas, Alessandro Mastroianni, Prodoct Expert for Krotos gave us a demo of how their software lets you not only create your own sound effects, but also design and customize them using an intuitive interface....
Magdalena Muhr-Manilal, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23145: NAB – Mapcreator Delivers High Quality, Customizable Maps for Broadcast

At NAB in Las Vegas, we talked to Magdalena Muhr-Manilal, Managing Partner at Mapcreator about how their "Best of Show" nominee product delivers detailed maps of all kinds for broadcast, and how they can be customized...
Chuck Joiner, Noah Mosquin

MacVoices #23144: NAB – Riverside Provides A Platform For Video Podcast Production

At NAB in Las Vegas, we learned about how Riverside provides high quality results for recording video podcasts with remote partners or guests, no matter what the bandwidth. Noah Mosquin discusses how it all works, even if your...