MacVoices #15150: Paul Kent Discusses This Year’s MacIT Conference

This year’s MacIT Conference is less than a month away, and Conference Chair Paul Kent has plenty to tell us about who’s speaking, the kinds of topics on the schedule, and why it is the place you need to be if you are interested in Macs in the enterprise or large-scale academic environment. Paul talks about the move to Santa Clara, in the heart of Silicon Valley and explains how this year’s conference is structured so that it includes not only sessions, but plenty of networking opportunities as well as attendee participation.

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Former Macworld/iWorld General Manager Paul Kent is now providing strategy and executive consulting services to event organizations and companies bringing products to market in the Apple space. 26 years of cutting edge event experience in the entrepreneurial realm (his own events – QuickTimeLive!, Mactivity series, Mac Networkers Retreat), subcontracted event production (Voice on the Net, Programmable World, InterOp Dot Com) and corporate event management (Macworld Expo, Techmanity, mNext, PSoCWorld), he is providing strategy, alignment and executive consulting for event organizations through his new company, pKreative, LLC. His band, You can follow him on Twitter.


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