Joe Nassar

MacVoices #23143: NAB – Saramonic Shows An Impressive Line of Mobile Wireless Microphone Options

At NAB in Las Vegas, we got an extensive tour of the many options for wireless mobile microphone solutions from Saramonic. Joe Nassar, USA Brand Marketing Manager, outlines models that have multiple transmitters, connect to your...
Ben Nowak, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23138: NAB – Cinamaker Introduces High-Quality Live Zoom Production

At NAB in Las Vegas, Ben Nowak, CEO for Cinamaker, gives us a demo of their latest enhancements that include multiple high quality video streams through Zoom for video creation, video conferencing, and live streaming. Integrating all types...
Chris Demiris, Terri Morgan, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23131: NAB – LumaTouch Releases Multicam for Luma Fusion

At NAB Show in Las Vegas,  Chris Demiris, Co-Founder and Principal Engineer and Terri Morgan, Co-Founder and Principle Designer from Luma Touch talk about the latest and just-released feature of LumaFusion, multi-camera editing on your iPad. This edition...
Chuck Joiner, Sheri Selling

MacVoices #23040: CES – ZoopLoop Doesn’t Let Your Apple Pencil Get Away

At CES in Las Vegas, ZoopLoop Co-Founder Sheri Selling shares the story of how their product was developed to solve their own problem. ZoopLoop makes sure your Apple Pencil can’t get lost or misplaced by tethering it to...
Chuck Joiner, Adam Engst, Apple CIDER

MacVoices #22239: Adam Engst Talks Elon Musk, Twitter, and New iPads at Apple CIDER

Adam Engst and Chuck Joiner paid a virtual visit to the Apple CIDER Mac User Group in early November. Adam addressed the issues with Twitter (as they existed then), and talked about the new crop of iPads and...