Chuck Joiner, Mark Fuccio

MacVoices #20186: Mark Fuccio on The Meanings of Apple’s Quarterly Earnings (2)

Our conversation with Mark Fuccio on Apple’s quarterly financial results continues with discussions of what the results mean, Tim Cook’s appearance before Congress, and the ongoing debate over Apple’s 30% take on the App Store,...

MacVoices #20185: Mark Fuccio on The Meanings of Apple’s Quarterly Earnings (1)

Mark Fuccio and host Chuck Joiner use the Apple quarterly earnings announcements as a springboard to discuss where Apple products stand in the time of COVID-19, and in the marketplace in general. From reliability to desirability,...
Chuck Joiner, Adam Engst

MacVoices #20179: SVMUG – Adam Engst on App Clips, Touch Screen Macs, Virtualization, Virtual WWDC

? Our live virtual discussion with the Silicon Valley Mac User Group, Adam Engst and host Chuck Joiner wraps up with Adam’s comments on App Clips and iOS 14, and questions from the audience on touch screen Macs,...
Chuck Joiner, Kyle Foster

MacVoices #20167: Kyle Foster of Synology On Their Newest Products And NAS Features (1)

Kyle Foster, Marketing Specialist for Synology, introduces their new, upgraded NAS models that are for both home and business, and helps us understand how Synology names their products so that you know exactly what...
Chuck Joiner, Aleksey Novicov

MacVoices #20154: Aleksey Novicov of Yodel Code Introduces ScreenBadge

Aleksey Novicov of Yodel Code introduces ScreenBadge, the latest in his evolving efforts to help facilitate the exchange of business contact information. With COVID-19, not only are we interacting in person less, but are reluctant to exchange...