MacVoices #17097: Road to Macstock: Wally Cherwinski On The Thrill of Making Great Videos

We are back on the Road to Macstock in a conversation with Wally Cherwinski about video-making and why it can be so much fun. Wally shares some of his thoughts on getting started making videos with Apple’s free tools and moving up to something more sophisticated when you are ready. Making videos can change the way you look at TV, commercials, and movies. Wally talks about what you can learn from all three, how stories are told in two to three minutes, and how he will approach the subject at Macstock.

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Show Notes:

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Wally Cherwinski is a Videographer based in Ottawa, Canada. Originally trained as a scientist, he spent a portion of his career in research and teaching at the University of Cambridge, England while doubling as a freelance photographer and writer. Later, he joined Canada’s National Research Council and spent many years managing communications for the Canadian Space Program. You can follow him on Twitter and see his work on his YouTube channel.


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