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MacVoices #19178: Jean MacDonald and Manton Reece Explain The Workings of

June 26, 2019 is a social network that is both familiar and different than you may be used to. That’s why Founder Manton Reece and Community Manager/Evangelist Jean MacDonald  explain some of the choices that have been made to create a place you want to be. From the inevitable discussions of privacy and security to the unique structure of the service, Jean and Manton answer all the questions you might have about and how it works. Is it a blogging service? A podcasting service? A social network? Yes! Find out the many benefits of being on, how to connect with users, and the different ways that you can participate.

This edition of MacVoices is sponsored by Smile, the makers of PDFpen and PDFpenPro, PDFpen for iPad, PDFpen for iPhone, PDFpen Scan+, as well as TextExpander for Mac and TextExpander for iPhone and iPad, as well as the new TextExpander for Windows. Great software to help you get more done.

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