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Chuck Joiner, Rob Walch

MacVoices #19110: NAB – Libsyn Makes Your Podcast Available Everywhere

From NAB in Las Vegas, Libsyn Vice President of Podcaster Relations Rob Walsh profiles their podcasting service that can host audio, video, and PDFs, provide everything you...
Chuck Joiner, Eli MacKinnon

MacVoices #19109: NAB – Insta360 Introduces the Evo, a Combo 3D, 360-Degree Camera

At NAB in Las Vegas, Eli MacKinnon, Communication Director for Insta360, shows us their new Evo camera that does double duty as both a 360-degree...
Chuck Joiner, Nick Mattingly

MacVoices #19108: NAB – Switcher Studio’s Teams, LinkedIn Partnership, and Microsoft Stream Integration

From the show floor at NAB in Las Vegas, Nick Mattingly, CEO and Co-Founder of Switcher Studio, updates us on a powerful set of announcements that include...
Chuck Joiner, Michael Goodman

MacVoices #19107: NAB – CEntrance Introduces A Portable Mixer/Recorder

At NAB in Las Vegas, CEntrance Founder and CEO Michael Goodman showed off their MixerFace 4-input mixer/audio interface with Lightning connectivity that provides amazing flexibility for the audio...
Aleen Simms, Kelly Guimont, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #19106: Update on App Camp For Girls, and Registration is Open!

Aleen Simms and Kelly Guimont of App Camp For Girls return to give us the latest updates on this year’s events. Registration is now open for all...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #19105: Joe Kissell Updates Take Control Books on Online Privacy and Passwords

Two of Joe Kissell’s most important books are Take Control of Your Online Privacy and Take Control of Your Passwords, and both have just been updated....