MacVoices #12102: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Apple Mail in Lion (and Beyond)

Joe Kissell ┬áhas released Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion, much to our surprise. Joe explains why this book is a work of popular demand, and why it is a perfect time to cover this topic as we all look toward the next iteration of OS X, Mountain Lion. Joe gives us the background on how the book came together, why it won’t go out of date any time soon, and some of the changes between Apple Mail under Snow Leopard and under Lion. The lack of Apple documentation for Mail, a feature that is more than confusing, and why there are some features you don’t want to get attached to are all included in the wisdom Joe delivers.


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Joe Kissell is the author of over two dozen Take Control ebooks, as well as a host of print books. He is a senior editor for TidBITS, and a Senior Contributor to Macworld. Keep up with him if you can on his personal blog,, and on Twitter.

Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion

Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion

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