MacVoices #15053 – Ted Landau on Apple’s Not-Impending Doom, The Internet of Things and More

For the first time in 2015, Ted Landau  is back to discuss why, in spite of so much link-bait to the contrary, Apple isn’t doomed, why Apple TV is becoming an increasingly favorable alternative to cable, and how some of the CES announcements are affecting the desire to cut the cord. Curved screen TVs vs. curved screen computer monitors, diminishing returns on screen resolution, the benefits of the Internet of Things and more kick off MacNotables for the new year.

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MacVoices #15052: CES – Scosche Delivers New Speakers, Batteries, Earphones and Cables

On the show floor at  International CES  in Las Vegas, we get a look at just a few of the newest additions to the Scosche line of products from  Chris Cowles, including the boomBOTTLE Bluetooth speaker, the new goBAT ruggedized batteries, the strikeLINE ruggedized Lightning cable and the sportCLIP BT Bluetooth headset for active people.

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MacVoices #15051: CES – Marshall Updates The Marshall Major Headphones

In the Marshall booth at  International CES  in Las Vegas, we get to see and hear the new Marshall Major II, an update to their classic line of on-ear headphones that boast comfortable ear cushions, the ability to plug into the right or left side, a mic for phone calls, controls on the cord, and the definitive Marshall sound.

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MacVoices #15050: CES – STM Bag’s New and Updated Products to Carry and Protect Your Gear

On the show floor at  International CES  in Las Vegas, Tessa Kay  of STM Bags shows off their latest updates and additions to their line of quality bags and protective cases for your Apple products, including the Drifter backpack, the iPhone 6 Flip case, the  dux line of iPad and Mac cases and the skinny for the iPad Air 2.

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MacVoices #15049: CES – Hyper Introduces the iPin, the iStick and the Pearl

From the show floor at  International CES  in Las Vegas,  Jennifer Lynn of Hyper  shows off their latest peripherals. The iPin adds laser pointer functionality to your iPhone in an extremely small form factor. The  iStick looks like a standard USB drive, but features not only USB but also Lightning and micro-USB connectivity to make it one of the most versatile portable storage devices we’ve seen. Jennifer also shows us the Pearl, a compact mirror and USB rechargeable battery pack that combines fashion and function.

This edition of MacVoices is supported by Eye Chart Magazine: Putting Apple and Tech News In Focus.