MacVoices #14220: Patrick O’Neil Introduces The olloclip for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Patrick O’Neil, the CEO of olloclip, shows off the newest olloclip, a complete redesign for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new form factor allows not only for the trademark wide-angle, fish-eye and two different macro lenses to be used to improve the versatility of the great new cameras, but also lets you use the wide-angle and fish-eye lenses for some unique selfies. Patrick explains how the new design came about, the new options you have to carry your olloclip, and why a  particular design decision was made that will come into full play when they release their new phone case.

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MacVoices #14219: Gaucho Software’s Mike Piatek-Jimenez Brings Seasonality Go to the iPhone

Mike Piatek-Jimenez of Gaucho Software has a new version of the comprehensive weather app, Seasonality Go, that now runs on both iPad and iPhone.  Mike walks us through all the information that Seasonality Go puts at your finger tips, including a very cool particle-based wind map, why it took the power of iOS 8 to bring the app to the iPhone, and why educators are among those who love both the information and the visual appeal of Seasonality Go. Combining his own weather servers with others around the world, Mike brings a ton of weather information right to your fingertips in an app that is functional and fun to use.

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MacVoices #14218: Bryan Chaffin on the Bitcoin Economy, His Essential Gear and Renting Software

Bryan Chaffin provides an update on the Bitcoin economy – whether it is still a thing, why its use continues to expand, and whether he is continuing his mining operations. Bryan wears lots of hats, personal and professional, so has some very specific productivity needs. What he uses, hardware and software, to get it all done, and why he has made those choices, is covered, along with his thoughts on renting software and more.

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MacVoices #14217: Ted Landau on Malware Concerns, Mac Maintenance and More on Yosemite

Ted Landau  has plenty to say on a number of little subjects this time around. The malware paranoia for iPhone and Mac, and why it probably more link bait than threat, maintaining your Mac, some additional analysis of his Yosemite install problems, some thoughts on email and more get the “Ted” treatment.

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