MacVoices - STM Dux Backpack

MacVoices #23232: MacVoices Briefing – The STM Goods Dux Backpack

? This MacVoices Briefing focuses on the  STM Goods Dux Backpack, a versatile option for remote workers and frequent travelers. With its side-loading design and ample 31-liter capacity, it offers easy access and redundancy. The...
MacVoices Briefing - ChargeTree Go from STM Goods

MacVoices #23122: MacVoices Briefing – The ChargeTree Go from STM Goods

This MacVoices Briefing covers the ChargeTree Go mobile charging dock from STM Goods. Ideal for both desktop and travel use, the ChargeTree Go can accommodate your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (with a charging case). Show Notes: Links: ChargeTree...
TravelMike by SpeechWare

MacVoices #23079: MacVoices Briefing – The TravelMike by SpeechWare

The MacVoices Briefing on the TravelMike by SpeechWare includes summaries of its size, its many configuration options, and sample recording using its different settings and in different environments. This edition of MacVoices is supported by MacVoices Magazine, our...
MacVoices #22163

MacVoices #22163: MacVoices Briefing – After Steve; This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends

Need some summer reading that is actually useful? Get away from those trashy novels that waste your time, and check out this MacVoices Briefing about to entertaining and informative books: After Steve: How Apple...
MacVoices Briefing - Sonos Roam

MacVoices #22159: MacVoices Briefing – The Sonos Roam Wireless Speaker

This MacVoices Briefing focuses on the important aspects of the Sonos Roam, a fully featured wireless speaker that boasts features such as Sonos Voice Control, Amazon Alexa, and Google Play. Chuck tells you why it is one...