Prapti Mishra of Vizmato, Chuck Joiner

MV #16039: ShowStoppers – Vizmato Records and Edits Videos On Your iPad Live

At ShowStoppers at CES in Las Vegas, we get a lesson in live video production using Vizmato on an iPad.  Prapti Mishra shows us how adjustments and effects can be applied either in real...
Greg Scown, Wally Cherwinski, Josh Centers, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #13210: The MacJury’s Holiday Gift Guide #5

Our final holiday MacJury delivered great gift picks to give or get, ranging from the inexpensive to the expensive, expected to unexpected, and all points in between. If you're still looking for ideas (and...

MacVoices #8141: The Road to Macworld Expo – Leo Laporte Discusses New Media, Old Media and the Speed of Change

The host of This Week in Tech, MacBreak Weekly and so many more we lose count, Leo Laporte, will be the featured speaker on Thursday morning at Macworld Conference & Expo. Leo joins us...
Oliver Breidenbach, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #18093: NAB – Boinx Software Shows Off The Latest Version of mimoLive

At NAB in Las Vegas, video production gets a little more accessible with the latest version of mimiLive from Boinx Software. CEO Oliver Breidenbach talks about how the interface has evolved to make it easier, their...
Chuck Joiner, Roi Ginat

MacVoices #17044: ShowStoppers – CMRA Adds Two Cameras To Your Apple Watch Band

At ShowStoppers at CES in Las Vegas, we get a look at a unique Apple Watch band. CMRA puts not one but two cameras on your Apple Watch band. One is positioned for you...