Chuck Joiner, Michael Horton

MacVoices #16167: Michael Horton Covers This Year’s Amsterdam SuperMeet Agenda

Michael Horton  is back again to talk about what topics are driving the agenda at the upcoming SuperMeet in Amsterdam. The rules for video storytelling are once again being re-written with the spread of...
Chuck Joiner, Simon Tchedikian of Sevenhugs

MV #16008: CES Unveiled – A Unique Universal Remote from Sevenhugs Learns Just By Pointing

At  CES Unveiled  in Las Vegas, we get a look at a new universal remote control by Sevenhugs. CEO and Co-Founder  Simon Tchedikian  explains how pointing at the device is all you need to...
Pam Wheeler, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15143: AltConf – Pam Wheeler of Aclipsa On Their Video Platform for Developers

At  AltConf  in San Francisco, Pam Wheeler  of Aclipsa  talks about their very first AltConf/WWDC event experience and their platform that allows any developer to easily and affordably put hosted video content in their...
Chuck Joiner, Aleksey Novicov

MacVoices #20154: Aleksey Novicov of Yodel Code Introduces ScreenBadge

Aleksey Novicov of Yodel Code introduces ScreenBadge, the latest in his evolving efforts to help facilitate the exchange of business contact information. With COVID-19, not only are we interacting in person less, but are reluctant to exchange...
Chuck Joiner ,Yuhang Liu

MacVoices #23149: NAB – GVM Shows Off Some Innovative Tube Lighting

In a very bright GVM booth at NAB in Las Vegas, Brand Director Yuhang Liu talks about their options, how they can be controlled, and why their tube lights aren’t limited to just static illumination or even...