MacVoices Update – 2015-06

This is a MacVoices Update for June 2015.

There are a number of things I want to tell you about as MacVoices moves forward and progresses. It has been too long since I did a MacVoices update, so here we go.

MacVoices on Vimeo

First, There is now a MacVoices Channel on Vimeo, starting with our 2015 content, so you can watch the show there.

MacVoices on Soundcloud

There is also now a new MacVoices Channel on SoundCloud! Again, starting wit the 2015 shows, the audio version of each MacVoices show is being published to SoundCloud for you to enjoy along with their other great audio content.

MacVoices on YouTube

As always MacVoices is also published on YouTube, and has been for a long time, but now playlists  for the sub-categories of MacNotables, The MacJury, and, starting with 2015, the MacVoices conference coverage of CES and NAB, and eventually, WWDC. That way, if you have a specific interest, you can get a continuous-play channel of just what you want. This is for those folks who asked about doing one huge conference-interview only show, which is impractical from a download standpoint, and for those who liked the idea of the shows being available separately. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to a YouTube channel so that you are automatically updated when there is new content posted.

MacVoices on Blip.TV

The video version of MacVoices are also posted to Blip.TV, another great site that focuses on episodic shows of all kinds. This is also a distribution channel that has been in place for some time, but new viewers might not be aware of it.

ITunes podcast icon

And, of course, the podcast feeds for both the audio and video versions of the show, available as RSS feeds or in your favorite podcatcher, including iTunes (audio and video).

So why all the distribution points? Naturally, I would prefer that you come visit me on the MacVoices site or subscribe, but I want to make it as easy for you to find and enjoy the MacVoices content as possible, no matter what service or services you use or prefer.

A couple changes have also been made to my social media presences.

Chuck Joiner on Twitter

First, some of you may or may not know that there is @MacVoices Twitter account. If you want *only* show announcements and the like, this is where you’ll find them. If you want anything and everything I post, including show announcements, then follow my @chuckjoiner  account, as so many of you do. That’s where I also post any special deals I think are worthy of your attention and anything else that is interesting or important to me.

Chuck Joiner on Facebook

I’m also changing the way show announcements are posted to Facebook. Instead of just cross-posting it from Twitter, the postings are now the full descriptions along with the show screenshot, so follow me on Facebook if that’s your preferred social network.

Chuck Joiner on LinkedIn

The show announcements are also now being posted to my LinkedIn  account as well, and you’re welcome to follow me there.

Chuck Joiner on Google+

Finally on the social media side, just in case you didn’t know, there is also a dedicated MacVoices account on Google+, as well as my personal Google+ account. The uses are similar to the Twitter accounts – the former gives you only show announcements and the latter everything and anything else, including show announcements.


And don’t forget about MacVoices Magazine,

free on the web and even better experienced in the free Flipboard iOS app.

While not exactly a social media application, you can follow me or subscribe to the magazine on your iPhone or iPad. Again, for the newcomers, MacVoices Magazine is my aggregation of some of the best Apple tech information on the web that I compile as I do my normal surfing. The focus is on how to do more with your Apple Tech, rather than the inevitable news, commentary and other not-exactly-on-target information.

And if you aren’t getting The MacVoices Dispatch, ourweekly newsletter, then you’re not getting the full scoop on everything MacVoices is doing and bringing to you. As with all things MacVoices, it is high signal, low noise, so visit to sign up.

So that’s a whole lot of information to absorb, right? You don’t need to take notes, just visit the right sidebar of the MacVoices site and you’ll see icons for all those services that will get you where you want to go.

So now you’re up-to-date on everything Macvoices offers, and everywhere you can find the show, and me. And please don’t forget that I welcome your thoughts, comments or feedback at either chuck@macvoices,com, on Twitter, which is where I usually hang out, or through the MacVoices Open Mic Line at (717) 814-8622.

Lots more coming up soon, and I hope you’ll will subscribe to the shows and the newsletter, or find and follow Macvoices everywhere we publish.

That’s the MacVoices update for June 2015. Thanks for watching and thanks for listening!