MacVoices #920: Macworld Expo – Blake Jarsky of Blue Microphones Shows The Snowball, Snowflake, Eyeball and Mikey

Blue Microphones
In the Blue Microphones booth at Macworld Expo, Blake Jarsky shows off the line of Blue Microphone products. Starting with the venerable Snowball and the smaller, portable Snowflake, Blake then introduces the new Eyeball, which combines the Snowflake form factor and mic with a high-definition USB webcam for online catting and internet telephony. The Mikey rounds out their consumer products, and is Blue’s solution to turn your iPod and iPhone into a voice recorder for all environments.


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Dr. Bott

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone Bundle

Blue Microphones Snowflake USB Microphone

Blue Microphones’s Eyeball Webcam with Microphone

Blue Microphones Mikey