MacVoices #921: Macworld Expo – Sara Rosenberg Introduces The New Generation of BookEndz Laptop Docks

Mac laptop owners are very familiar with connecting and disconnecting cables of all kinds every time they arrive at home, the office, or wherever they call home. Sara Rosenberg of BookEndz shows you how easy it can be to do it all at once with the new generation of BookEndz laptop docks. A simple lever design and a laptop pad that holds your MacBook simplifies the process and cuts down on wear and tear on your laptop’s ports.

The video version of this interview is available on MacVoices #922.


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Dr. Bott

BookEndz for MacBook 13″ White

BookEndz for MacBook Pro 15″ with FireWire 400 and 800 ports

BookEndz for MacBook 13″ Black

BookEndz for MacBook Pro 15″ with FireWire 400 port only

BookEndz for MacBook Pro 17″