MacVoices #14215: Dan Frakes Talks iTunes 12 Challenges, Office Opportunities Lost and iMac 5K

Dan Frakes joins in the discussion about iTunes 12, the problems, and what you can do about it. Is it the future of music management on the Apple platform, or a misstep? Microsoft announced that they were making their Office apps for iPad and iPhone free…but is it too little too late? What was their real motivation? Dan looks at those questions, talks about what he’s doing now, and why the iMac 5K is amazing, even if he is using it mainly for text.

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Show Notes:

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Dan Frakes is a respected technology writer, book author, and editor. He spent over a decade at Macworld as a Senior Editor and the “Mac Gems” columnist; he also covered the OS X and iOS platforms; general and mobile computing; fitness technology and wearables; digital media; and consumer audio. Before that, he was an an Editor at; he’s also published software, worked in IT, and worked as a policy analyst. You can find him on the web at or on Twitter as @danfrakes.