MacVoices #14214: Maria Langer Gets You Up and Running with Meetup

The latest release from Maria Langer is the new course, Up and Running with Meetup , on You might think Meetup is simple – someone posts a get together and people get together. Maria explains why there is so much more power to Meetup for both users and organizers, including feature sets that not everyone takes advantage of. Talking as an author, Meetup user and Meetup organizer, Maria takes us through the process, paying special attention to the privacy and security issues that are so important in today’s world. Find out how you can connect with people you have something in common with on Meetup.

Show Notes:

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Maria Langer (follow her on  Twitter) has been writing how-to books and articles and recording videos about using computers for longer than she cares to admit. Her projects include,  iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Ebook,  “Making Movies: A Guide for Serious Amateurs” for the Flying M Productions Maria’s Guides series,  and “Up and Running with Twitter” for Maria is also a  commercial helicopter pilot  and  serious amateur photographer. Learn more about her work on the  Maria’s Guides website  and see what’s on her mind on her blog,  An Eclectic Mind.


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