MacVoices #14058: Road to Macworld – Rene Ritchie of iMore on iCloud and iBeacons


The Road to Macworld  takes a turn to the north as we talk to Rene  Ritchie about the two sessions he will be delivering at the show.  Essential iCloud – What You Need to Know  will on Apple’s cloud service, what works, what doesn’t and how Rene sees it fitting into your personal online data strategy.  His second, The iOS Awakening: How Touch ID, iBeacon, Siri and Sensors Will Make Mobile Truly Brilliant, will examine one of Apple’s hottest technologies, ow it may transform our physical spaces, and make our iDevices even more important. The pace of technology, Apple’s long game and more are all part of the conversation.

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Macworld-iWorld 2014



Rene Ritchie is the editor-in-chief of [iMore](, responsible for all of [Mobile Nation](’s iPhone, iPad, and Apple content and communities. He’s also the co-host of the [iMore show](, [Debug](, [Iterate](, [Vector](, [ZENandTECH](, [Ad hoc](, and the TWiT network’s [MacBreak Weekly]( You can find him on Twitter [@reneritchie](



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