MacVoices #1089: Lucius Kwok Provides a Developer’s Perspective in the iTunes Store and His New Twitter Client, HelTweetica

Developer Lucius Kwok of Felt Tip Inc. recently released his latest app, the free Twitter client, HelTweetica. Why a free Twitter client now? Lucius explains, talks about his history as a Mac developer, and what pushed him into iPhone and now iPad apps. Lucius also has a rather pro-iTunes opinion of Apple’s policies and procedures, and explains how the “walled-garden” metaphor works both ways, often to the advantage of developers and users alike. Impressions of WWDC, the status of Sound Studio, why he started developing physical fitness apps and more are all part of the conversation. Lucius profiles his apps and talks about their inspiration, the benefits and challenges of user feedback, and invites listeners to provide suggestions and ideas for new apps.


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