MacVoices #1082: Daniel Berube and Michael Horton Talk About The Final Cut Pro SuperMeet Move to Boston

Dan Berube and Michael HortonConference organizers Daniel Berube and Michael Horton are taking the Final Cut Pro SuperMeet experience to Boston in June, the first SuperMeet on the East Coast. Dan and Mike talk about why they felt the time was right for the change, why the vibrant video community of the Boston area made it the logical choice, and how many in that community are planning to attend and participate. Boston is also home to Avid; the duo talk about how that has affected their plans, the new and updated aspects of the SuperMeet that will allow filmmakers to show off their work to both the audience and to prospective employers and clients, and the opportunities that the iPhone and iPad present for getting your video work seen. The conversation also includes their heavy focus on student involvement, and why they have such a heavy Mac focus at all the SuperMeet events.


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