MacVoices #1078: Yuri Selukof of Good.iWare Outlines The Long List of The Capabilities of GoodReader for iPhone and iPad

Yuri Selukof, the founder of Good.iWare, profiles one of the most popular applications for the iPhone and iPad, GoodReader. Many think of GoodReader as an app to view PDFs on Apple’s mobile devices, but it goes far beyond that. Yuri covers all the file formats GoodReader will accept and why they decided to make the list as broad as possible, as well as the multiple ways to get files into GoodReader, including WiFi, direct connect, internet access and from email. GoodReader has built-in capabilities to help users manage large libraries of files; Yuri talks about how it works, the opportunities the iPad represents for app developers, their decisions on pricing models for both their iPad and iPad versions, and more.


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