Paul Kafasis

MacVoices #1050: MacVoices at Macworld – Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba Shows Off Radioshift

In the Rogue Amoeba booth at Macworld 2010, CEO Paul Kafasis shows off the latest version of Radioshift, their software to stream almost anything from the internet, and the integration with their AirFoil iPhone/iPod...
Bryan Chaffin

MacVoices #13182: Bryan Chaffin on Steve Balmer’s Retirement, Tim Cook as Rock Star and the new iPhones

MacNotable Bryan Chaffin is back to explain  the newest developments with The Apple Context Machine, discuss Steve Balmer's retirement and analyze the mystery of his tenure as Microsoft CEO. Office vs. iWork, the strategy...

MacJury #802: The Future of the Mac mini, Yahoo vs. Microsoft and the iPhone as #1 Mobile Browser

The first issue before the MacJury is the future (or not) of the Mac mini, what it is good for, what it could be and why you should think outside the box when considering...
Chuck Joiner, Chuck La Tournous

MacVoices #14069: Road to Macworld – Chuck La Tournous Talks High Tech in the Great Outdoors

The Road to Macworld  takes us from the forest to the mountaintop when we talk to Chuck La Tournous about his  Tech vs. Wild: Surviving Your Next Campout (and Other Natural Disasters) with High...
Chuck Joiner, Sergey Kurdyashov, Josh Brown

MacVoices #15065: Sergey Kurdyashov and  Josh Brown of Softorino Introduce the Video Conversion Tool WALTR

Sergey Kurdyashov and  Josh Brown of Softorino talk about the development of WALTR, a simple but powerful utility to load a wide variety of audio and video formats on your iPhone and iPad quickly...