MacVoices #14198: Ken Ray Discusses His Podcasts, His Magazine and His Motivations

Ken Ray is one busy guy. With two well-established podcasts of his own, co-hosting a third, a fourth just launched, and a magazine that is improving and expanding before our eyes, it is a wonder that he can keep up. Ken talks about it all in a diverse conversation that covers his media history, what keeps him moving forward, and why he’s branching out into a different medium with EYE Chart Magazine. With a daily tech news show that publishes early, there is both an opportunity and a responsibility to inform his audience, and not always just about Apple news. Find out what makes one of the best podcasters in the business tick in this wide-ranging conversation.

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Show Notes:

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Since May of 2005,  Ken Ray  has eaten, slept, and breathed Apple news and news related to Apple news in order to produce a daily Apple news show. and he does just that with  Mac OS Ken, with content that  includes most stories directly related to Apple, many stories indirectly related to Apple that stand a chance of affecting Apple’s business or its users, and tangentially related stories that are funny.A slightly skewed, sometimes cynical, obsessive look at Apple news, five-days-a-week.  Ken also produces an extra day of content in  Mac OS Ken: Day 6, a subscription show that features one-on-one interviews with fellow podcasters, industry analysts, experts and whoever Ken wants to talk to. Ken also co-hosts  Mission Log, a Roddenberry Star Trek podcast that explores the Star Trek universe one episode at a time and he has launched both  EYE Chart Magazine  and  EYE Chart Radio  as the latest in his expanding media empire.  You can connect with him on  Twitter.  


Mac OS Ken  (podcast link)

Mac OS Ken (web link)

Day 6 (web link)

Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast  (podcast link)

Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast (web link)

EYE Chart Magazine  (iTunes Link)

EYE Chart Magazine  (web link)

EYE Chart Radio  (podcast link)

EYE Chart Radio  (web link)