Joe Kissell

MacVoices #12102: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Apple Mail in Lion (and Beyond)

Joe Kissell  has released Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion, much to our surprise. Joe explains why this book is a work of popular demand, and why it is a perfect time to...
Chuck Joiner, Brett Terpstra, Wally Cherwinski, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #18224: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #2

The second Holiday Gift Guide features suggestions from Wally Cherwinski, Joe Kissell, Brett Terpstra and host Chuck Joiner, with products that range from tech to domestic, travel to coffee. You never know what to expect with these guides,...
Chuck Joiner, Randy Williams

MacVoices #1317: CES – Randy Williams of AppleCoreGear Previews an iPhone Dock and an Integrated iMac Hub

At CES 2013  in Las Vegas, Randy Williams of AppleCoreGear shows off an indiegogo project, the CrystalCore TiltDock for your iPhone, as well as the CableCoreHub, an integrated hub for your iMac that adds...
Chuck Joiner, Paul Kafasis

MacVoices #16128: Paul Kafasis Updates Us On Rogue Amoeba’s Products

Paul Kafasis  of Rogue Amoeba hasn't been on the show for some time, so we had plenty of product updates to talk about. Those products include  AirFoil, their solution for sending any audio from...
Chuck Joiner, Mike Schmitz

MacVoices #19215: Mike Schmitz On Learning GoodNotes, The Sweet Setup, and Intentionality

Mike Schmitz gives us some insight into the kinds of things he is and will be covering as the Executive Editor at The Sweet Setup. He discusses what you will learn in his new GoodNotes,...