MacVoices #19140: Road to Macstock – Rick Cartwright’s iOS-Based Video Journey

Our next stop on The Road to Macstock is a discussion with Rick Cartwright, who will be addressing the opportunities provide by iOS videography. Rick describes the kinds of videos he enjoys producing and the gear he uses, and how he got started because of a Macstock presentation by Wally Cherwinski. Now he is going to present at the conference, sharing what he learned about getting started with iOS video, some of the tools available, and the start-to-finish demo he will deliver.

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Show Notes:

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Rick Cartwright is a geek, and has used Macs and iOS devices for many years. His background in software design have given him a passion for all things tech. After a career of nearly 40 years in the food service equipment industry where he worked in equipment design and general management, Rick retired at the end of 2017. Today he spends his free time with his wife, Teresa, photographing nature. This past year he turned more of his attention to creating, editing and sharing videos on his website Tales Through Photos as an additional means of sharing his love of nature. Rick is the father of four sons, and has 8 grandchildren and has two dogs. Visit his blog and follow him on Twitter.