MacVoices #16140: Road to Macstock – Kirschen Seah on Automating Your Mac and Fitness with iOS

The Road to Macstock rolls on with Kirschen Seah of Free Range Coder, who will deliver several sessions at the conference. Kirschen will address methods to automate your Mac, and how to use your iPhone and Apple Watch to pursue your fitness goals. With us, she discusses the non-fitness ways she uses her Apple Watch, and talks about developing her own, very specialized, iOS bicycle maintenance application.

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Kirschen Seah is a software engineer and has been fascinated with portable electronics since the Sony Walkman. With the advent of intelligent portable devices such as the Sony MagicLink, the Palm V, and now the iPhone and iPad, her quest is to discover how these devices can enrich our life experiences. Kirschen’s history with Apple devices stretches all the way back to the Apple ][ and Lisa, culminating in several Macintoshes and iOS devices. She’s delved into iOS and Mac OS software development and has worked on and released applications for both platforms. An accomplished speaker, Kirschen’s given talks on software engineering and development at local code camps. She loves to share her experiences and what she’s come to learn over the years being in the personal computer and portable device arena. Kirschen’s an avid cyclist and has participated in several Cyclo-cross and Time Trial race events, as well as attended a bike mechanic course. She holds an FAA Private Pilot License and is a certified SCUBA diver. She’s very interested in biking, photography, and videography. Her blog is Free Range Coder, and you can follow her on Twitter.


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