MacVoices #1190: John Chaffee of BusyMac Discusses the Transition From MobileMe to iCloud for Calendar Syncing

John Chaffee of BusyMac helps us work through the maze of calendar and contact syncing that has arrived with the launch of iCloud and the first steps away from MobileMe. Why separating events and to-do’s is a good thing, the steps to take to successfully migrate your calendar, both with and without BusyCal, changes in to-do handling are all included in the discussion. John also touches on the compatibility of BusyToDo with BusyCal and Apple’s Reminders, Google calendar integration, and how to get your calendar list and mini calendar back.


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John Chaffee is the President and co-founder of BusyMac, who’s products include BusyCal, BusyToDo and BusySync. Follow them on Twitter.




Upgrading BusyCal to iCloud on the BusyCal blog

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