Erik Bernskiold

MacVoices #1064: Erik Bernskiold Discusses How Web Design Constantly Changes, How to Keep Up, and The MacVoices Group Redesign

Web Designer Erik Bernskiold of Bernskiold Media is the architect of The MacVoices Group's in-progress web site redesign. We talk with Erik about his background, WordPress vs. some of the other options, and how...
Chuck Joiner, Jim Sherhart, Mark Fuccio

MacVoices #12129: Transporter Will Put Your Data Online But Off-Cloud

A new Kickstarter Project with some established participants is now live, and we have a first look.  Mark Fuccio  and  Jim Sherhart  introduce us to the  Transporter, a new device that will help you...

MacVoices #825: MacVoices at Expo – Mike Downey of Adobe Introduces Air at the Adobe Breakfast

At the Adobe Professional Association and User Group Breakfast, Group Product Manager Mike Downey introduces the crowd to Air, Adobe's new desktop runtime development environment. Mike explains how Air adds real-time interaction by showing...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Frank Petrie, Mike Potter

MacVoices #20197: MacVoices Live! Mike Potter Wraps Up Virtual Macstock 2020 (2)

Our kudos to Mike Potter for Virtual Macstock 2020 continue with reviews of how the chats and Green Room worked as hosted by David Ginsburg, as well as getting an attendee perspective from Frank Petrie. Mike explains...
Chuck Joiner, Bart Busschots

MacVoices #20115: Bart Busschots On Privacy, Security and Zoom

The second part of our discussion with Bart Busschots covers the privacy and security issues s urrounding Zoom, and the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. The question of whether the End User License Agreement provided...