Chuck Joiner, Scholle McFarland

MacVoices #17191: Scholle McFarland Takes Control of High Sierra

In Take Control of High Sierra, Scholle McFarland helps us get up and running and take best advantage of all the new features provided by Apple’s latest version of macOS. A new way to...
Rod Harrison, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #16114: NAB – Drobo’s Chief Technical Officer Discusses Their Focus on Simplicity As A Feature

At  NAB  in Las Vegas, Drobo Chief Technical Officer Rod Harrison covers some of the latest enhancements to their line of expandable, redundant mass storage devices, and explains how they maintain a focus on...
Chuck Joiner, Benjamin Peri

MacVoices #17055: CES – Moore Is a Thumb Drive With Unlimited Capacity

At CES in Las Vegas, Benjamin Peri, the Founder of Moore, explains how their thumb drive achieves unlimited storage by understanding how you use your data and predicting what data you will use next. By...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #20147: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Apple Mail For The Fifth Time (1)

Joe Kissell has updated Take Control of Apple Mail to the 5th edition. In the first part of our discussion, Joe outlines some of the nastier bugs in Apple Mail, including one that can lose data, explains...
Chuck Joiner, Brian Stucki

MacVoices #17129: AltConf – The Benefits of MacStadium’s Hosting and Colocation Services

At AltConf in San Jose, Brian Stucki of MacStadium puts a developer’s slant on their dedicated Mac hosting, colocation and cloud services. By taking advantage of their services, and using virtual machines, developers can test and develop...