MacVoices #15162: Kirk McElhearn Takes Control of Audio Hijack

Kirk McElhearn is the author of the brand new Take Control of Audio Hijack, and joins us to talk about the capabilities of Rogue Amoeba’s versatile audio recording and processing utility. With a completely revised interface, the power of Audio Hijack is now accessible to anyone who wants to record audio on their Mac. But recording is only half the story. Kirk discusses the new design, some unexpected use cases, and how his book takes a real-world task approach to learning and using the program.

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Kirk McElhearn  writes about Macs, iPods, iPads, iTunes, books, music and more. He’s written  a dozen books, is a Senior Contributor to  Macworld, and writes for several other web sites and magazines. He reviews classical CDs for  MusicWeb  and audiobooks for  Audiofile, and is a  French-English translator.   He can also be found divulging tech-related news and tips on his blog,  Kirkville.