Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #10125: Jeff Carlson Looks At The Known and Unknown Features of iMovie ’11

Jeff Carlson has been spending lots of time with the new iMovie '11, and has discovered a number of useful, cool and largely undocumented features. Jeff discusses the under-publicized return of the timeline (even...

MacVoices #1001: The Road to Macworld – Bruce Nazarian On Blu-ray Authoring, Music Production with Logic Pro and His Macworld Sessions

On The Road to Macworld 2010, The Digital Guy, Bruce Nazarian, talks about how Blu-ray disc authoring has improved over the last few years, and why you'll be a Blu-ray Jedi after his limited-seating...

MacVoices #902: The Road to Macworld – Jennifer Soule Discusses Other World Computing’s New Look for the Expo Show Floor

Jennifer Soule, the Sales Manager for Other World Computing, is back with us on The Road to Macworld to preview the new look of the OWC booth, and how they are changing the buying...
Michael Kintner, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15090: NAB – 360Heros Lets You Capture The Action All Around You

From the show floor at NAB in Las Vegas,  Michael Kintner, the CEO of 360Heros, explains how his product came about and how it uses an array of GoPro cameras to deliver high quality...
Chuck Joiner, Rob Elkin

MacVoices #15078: Rob Elkins On The 2015 Edition of AltConf, The Developers’ Conference

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference hasn't been formally announced, but that doesn't mean that the AltConf crew are waiting. Rob Elkins takes us through this year's alternative conference that happens in parallel to WWDC....