MacVoices Update 2019-04

MacVoices #19102: Update 2019-04

In the April update, Chuck comments on the upcoming publication schedule, outlines appearances at user groups and on other shows, and discusses the use of confidential information by MacVoices. Reports on both the Patreon...
MacVoices Update 2022-09

MacVoices #22198: MacVoices Update – 2022-09

In the September Update, Chuck’s solicits feedback on a possible new MacVoices connection, guests, likes, and dislikes, and delivers the month’s Support Report. Show Notes: Support:      Become a MacVoices Patron on Patreon    ...
MacVoices Update 2023-12

MacVoices #23318: MacVoices Update – 2023-12

In the final Update for 2023, host Chuck Joiner offers his appreciation for everyone who participates in MacVoices from both sides of the camera and mic, talks about what was accomplished in 2023 and...
MacVoices Update - 2018-12

MacVoices #18231: Update – December 2018

In the December update, Chuck gives you a look behind the scenes at the change of recording methods from Skype to Zoom, provides an update on the Patreon campaign, and wishes you and yours...
MacVoices Update 2022-03

MacVoices #22059: MacVoices Update – 2022-03

This month, Chuck talks a possible interruption to the MacVoices publication schedule, discusses User Group visits, delivers the Support Report, and reminds viewers and listeners of some of the other features of MacVoices. Show Notes: Support:  ...