MacVoices Update - 2022-05

MacVoices #22105: MacVoices Update – 2022-05

In the May, 2022 Update, Chuck talks about wrapping up the MacVoices coverage of NAB, covers what to expect in the immediate future from the past MacVoices Live! shows, and hints at a new...
MacVoices 224174

MacVoices #24174: MacVoices Update 2024-06

0 The MacVoices Update for 2024-06 covers a very productive June series of shows, the new MacVoices Discord, why you should be paying attention to MacVoices Magazine, why you should attend Macstock Conference and Expo,...
MacVoices Update 2023-03

MacVoices #23113: MacVoices Update – 2023-03

In the March 2023 MacVoices Update, Chuck explains how he corrected a long-standing missing capability on the MacVoices web site, talks about the new TV+ Talk “show in a show” on MacVoices and The...
MacVoices Patreon

MacVoices Update: Twitter Unhacked, Overcast Issues, and Patreon Campaign

In this MacVoices Update for October, Chuck confirms that his Twitter account is back in his control, throws up his hands in frustration with the Overcast podcast feed issue, and announces the first MacVoices...
Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #18111: MacVoices Update – 2018-05

In the MacVoices Update for May, Chuck mentions the Apple Quarterly Earnings results, looks back at NAB and the SuperMeet, and looks ahead to a special MacVoices Live on Facebook and a special discount...