MacVoices Update - 2020-03

MacVoices #20104: MacVoices Update – 2020-03

In the update for March 2020, Chuck talks about some changes to the MacVoices format, the new "MacVoices Thinking" benefit for Patreon supporters as well as an upcoming new benefit that is under construction....
MacVoices Update-2019-06

MacVoices #19147: Update – 2019-06

The June Update includes an invitation to Macstock 2019, where to find Chuck at WWDC and AltConf in San Jose, and the newly named Support Report. Show Notes: Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of...
MacVoices Update - 2021-03

MacVoices #21058: MacVoices Update – 2021-03

The MacVoices March 2021 Update includes the announcement of MacVoices After Dark, the re-launch of the MacVoices Blog, comments on new Playlists on YouTube and Vimeo, the expansion of the Article of the Day, a request for feedback...
MacVoices Update - 2023-11

MacVoices #23298: MacVoices Update – 2023-11

The MacVoices Update for 2023-11 is a quick update about what we delivered in November, including MacVoices Live! sessions, Holiday Gift Guide sessions, and even some weekend releases. The month’s Support Report wraps things...
MacVoices Update 2023-06

MacVoices #23183: MacVoices Update – 2023-06

In the 2023-06 Update, Chuck talks about Macstock Conference and Expo and The Road to Macstock, Take Control author interviews, and the studio/office refresh. The use of large language models has made its way...