MacVoices Update - 2024-05

MacVoices #24142: MacVoices Update – 2024-05

The big announcement in the MacVoices Update for May, 2024 is the opening of the new MacVoices Discord. Chuck covers the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the Discord and how to access it. He also asks for your help in spreading the MacVoices word, talks about the ongoing release of NAB interviews, and invites you to use the code “macvoices” for a $30 discount on attending this year’s Macstock Conference and Expo. The session wraps up with the monthly Support Report and appreciation for our Patrons.
MacVoices Update - 2024-04

MacVoices #24115: MacVoices Update – 2024-04

0 In the April 2024 Update, Chuck talks about a busy April schedule that resulted in some programming changes, how and when the rest of the NAB interviews will be available, and hints at some...
MacVoices Briefing - 2024-03

MacVoices #24092: MacVoices Update – 2024-03

0 The 2024-03 MacVoices Update includes an explanation of why there are monthly updates, an evolution of MacVoices Live! for our non-live listeners and viewers, why MacVoices Magazine is picking up steam again, and the...
MacVoices Update - 2024-02

MacVoices #24071: MacVoices Update – 2024-02

0 The February 2024 MacVoices Update features more information about how we cover CES and why which interviews get published when, and the the ebb and flow of articles in MacVoices Magazine. We also touch...
MacVoices Update 2024-01

MacVoices #24027: MacVoices Update – 2024-01

The January 2024 MacVoices Update features commentary on the release schedule of videos from CES, episode-specific artwork, the challenges with sponsors, and the month’s Support Report. Show Notes: Support:      Become a MacVoices Patron on Patreon ...