MacVoices Select Tech 22126

MacVoices #22126: Select Tech – Anker PowerWave 2-In-1 Wireless Charging Stand; White Noise App

In the first installment of MacVoices: Select Tech, Chuck explains what to expect from this new series, and starts off by covering the Anker PowerWave 2-In-1 Wireless Charging Stand and the White Noise app...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #22125: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Your Digital Storage

In his new update to Take Control of Your Digital Storage from Take Control Books, Jeff Carlson adds to our understanding of how our mass storage devices interact and perform with macOS Big Sur, and how that differs...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Brittany Smith, Frank Petrie, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, Mark Fuccio, Andrew Orr, Kelly Guimont

MacVoices #22119: MacVoices Live! – An Apology to DuckDuckGo, Stream Deck & Touch Bar, Ads in Apple Music, WWDC Expectations

This MacVoices Live! discussion starts of with Chuck's apology to DuckDuckGo relating to a widely reported user tracking issue, then turns a wide variety of topics that include the Touch Bar vs. the Stream Deck,...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Warren Sklar, Frank Petrie, Guy Serle

MacVoices #22118: MacVoices Live! – Where Did All The Databases Go? (3)

The MacVoices Live! panel of Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Warren Sklar, Frank Petrie, and Guy Serle finish up this session by discussing how databases seem to have disappeared from the various office suites and why. One PC user’s...
MacVoices Briefing 22115

MacVoices #22115: MacVoices Briefing – Is It Time For Anti-Virus Software For Your Mac?

In this MacVoices Briefing, Chuck talks about how the security landscape has changed when it comes to increases in ransomware attacks and the increasing frequency of Mac virus development, and why he has adopted not...