Chuck Joiner, Terri Morgan

MacVoices #21156: Terri Morgan of Luma Touch on the New Features of LumaFusion

Luma Touch has just released Version 3 of LumaFusion, their sophisticated video editing software for the iPad, and Terri Morgan, Co-Founder and Principle Designer, is back to give us a taste of what’s new. From a...
Chuck Joiner, Jim Tierney

MacVoices #21151: Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy on Transcriptive Rough Cutter

Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy is back with the latest version of their transcription software, Transcriptive Rough Cutter. Jim explains what’s new in this version of Transcriptive, the advantages of editing via transcription, and the...

MacVoices #21147: Jeff Carlson Helps You Get More Out of Luminar AI (2)

Jeff Carlson continues his discussion of the power of Luminar AI and how to get the most out of it using his new book, The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar AI. There is more to Luminar AI than just...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #21146: Jeff Carlson Helps You Get More Out of Luminar AI (1)

The latest effort from Jeff Carlson helps you tap the AI power of the terrific photo editing program Luminar AI. In The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar AI, Jeff explains the availability of the newest features and how...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #21144: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Your Passwords and 1Password (2)

The second part of our conversation with Joe Kissell about the updates to two of his Take Control books, Take Control of Your Passwords and Take Control of 1Password, focuses on the second, and...