Matt Neuburg

MacVoices #1172: Matt Neuburg Discusses The Potential Loss of Rosetta in Mac OS X Lion and How To Prepare

Rosetta, the part of the current version of the Mac OS that lets you run old PowerPC programs is rumored to be going away in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and that has plenty...
Jamie Villarreal, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #1371: Macworld 2013 – Global Delight Makes iOS Videos Even More Fun With Game Your Video

From Macworld/iWorld 2013  in San Francisco, Jamie Villarreal of Global Delight talks about what is new and exciting in the latest version of Game Your Video, a simple and fun video editor for iOS....
Jeremiah Fowler

MacVoices #1244: Macworld | iWorld 2012 – MacKeeper Keeps Your Mac Running Smoothly

At Macworld | iWorld 2012, Jeremiah Fowler of MacKeeper discusses their bundle of sixteen utilities that helps keep your Mac running smoothly, protects you from the bad guys' efforts and more. Including security system...
Joshua Montgomery, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #19061: ShowStoppers – Mycroft Offers An Open Source Voice Assistant Option

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Joshua Montgomery, CEO of Mycroft, talks about the features and functions of their open-source voice assistant. Josh addresses questions of security, how skills are developed and added, and the affordability and capabilities...
Chuck Joiner, Oliver Breidenbach

MacVoices #15077: Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Helps Us Celebrate with PartySnapper

Oliver Breidenbach  of Boinx Software introduces us to their latest and greatest,  PartySnapper, their "Social Photo Wall App That Will Wow Your Party Guests.” PartySnapper lets you and your friends take photos at your...