MacVoices #23236: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Sonoma (1)

Joe Kissel, the author of Take Control of Sonoma, talks about preparing for and getting the most out of upcoming release of macOS Sonoma. Joe shares his experiences updating his book based on the beta versions, sharing hidden features, upgrading strategies, and the how to make the decision to upgrade to Sonoma. We also touch on Apple Mail, plugin support, and the importance of having a backup plan. (Part 1) 

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Show Notes:


0:02:09 Disappointment with Apple Event and macOS Sonoma Release
0:05:28 Discovery of Undisclosed Features in Sonoma
0:07:33 Challenges of Updating Book with New Sonoma Features
0:08:28 Smooth Update Process if Following Apple’s Guidelines
0:09:43 Reliability of Apple’s Installers in Recent Years
0:10:08 Considering the stability of software upgrades
0:13:44 The importance of staying up to date with software upgrades
0:14:56 The benefits of public betas for third-party software compatibility
0:16:25 Working around bugs and compatibility issues
0:17:07 Apple Mail Woes and Email App Discussions
0:18:24 Annoying macOS Permission Dialogues
0:19:50 Transition: Moving to Ventura and Sonoma
0:22:06 Transition: Discussing Apple Mail History
0:22:40 Mail no longer supports third-party plugins
0:24:36 Some features cannot be replicated in extensions
0:26:07 Apple’s restrictions lead to development of new email client
0:26:34 Apple Mail’s Decline: The Need for Alternatives
0:28:15 Be Prepared: Finding Alternatives for Sonoma’s Potential Incompatibilities


Joe Kissell is the publisher of  Take Control ebooks, as well as the author of over 60 books on a wide variety of tech topics. Keep up with him if you can on his personal site,, and on Twitter.


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