MacVoices #9125: Rob Walch of Wizzard Media Discusses the iPhone, Their Podcast Support Services, and Their iPhone Apps

Interested in the world of new media? Podcasting? The iPhone? All of those topics and more are covered in a conversation with Rob Walch, the Vice President of Podcaster Relations at Wizzard Media, and host of Today in iPhone. Rob was also the Podcast Tracks Coordinator for BlogWorld Expo 2009, and starts by discussing on how the show turned out, and the intersection of blogging and podcasting. Rob’s was one of the first iPhone-focused podcasts, and it is still going strong. He covers the state of the iPhone, who’s using them, and how they stack up against the newest interlopers. After all that, Rob gets down to business, explaining how Wizzard Media provides a full set of services to podcasters without burdensome requirements or obligations. From hosting to advertising to producing dedicated iPhone podcast apps, Wizzard Media is one of the most important services in the podcast space. Find out how they help deliver most of your favorite podcasts (including those of The MacVoices Group), and why it should make a difference to you.


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